03:50 min

About This Project

The working title of this video was “Jealous Subject”. The work was filmed from a worm’s–eye view that clearly recognizes the position of a “jealous subject” who reviews and analyses itself, envying others in their “enjoyment”.

The voice of the narrator in the background explains the term “jealous subject” who aims to comprehend the object of observation and, through appropriated knowledge on the same, feel secure, which is ultimately impossible.

Theses on the “jealous subject” were taken from the text “Logic of the Proper” by Jelisaveta Blagojević.
The work was created in the workshop How to End a Message by Milica Tomić.

Placing this video work in the sports betting shop highlighted the inferior position of female envy towards typical male “enjoyment” because they cannot participate in it.
Thus, in this particular masculine ambience, positions of both sexes regarding a stereotypical plot in a relationship, and in this case being the sports on television, were actually visibly prominent.