About This Project

The exhibition bears the name of the work of art “That Place” concerning the place of ORIGIN within our beings. The place where we seek and listen for answers that we need, the place where we start from and where we return to ourselves.

The purpose of the exhibition is to materialize things that are invisible, such as emotions and thoughts, internal re-examinations, strategies and affirmations for the purpose of development of personality or to identify behaviours that are not sufficiently recognized. The “That Place” exhibition signifies the summation of the strongest impressions of oneself and the immediate environment. Works of art are separated by thematic units into four rooms:

  1. Artistic Study begins with playing with the material – stone, which is, by live projection, associated with digital tools, offering interaction to visitors who may play with the elements of the installation creating own compositions.

2. The next room contains a video work. The daily concentration on small and big things produces a narrative about paying attention, pointing to the work of active control, which is invisible, because only the eyes are working, but is necessary in order to achieve certain results in different segments of life.

3. There are works based on the body and selfhood in the third room, where the reference to psychology and spirituality is established, and processes of reassessment and affirmation of personality are shown.

4. Finally, the works with the theme of family life record the expanded body as an experience of multiplied being, where the individual that is being analyzed and developed as selfhood appears as a set of beings.