About This Project

graphics with print
20 x 18 cm
installation / mixed media
Maja Rakočević Cvijanov

The “Templates” piece examines the personal scenarios within the realm of intimacy i.e. intimate relationships.
Swamped with personal biases that we formed in early childhood, we often create our environmental scenarios that we afterwards stereotypically repeat through psychological games in order to stay “safe” and hence avoid the closeness that involves risks, because intimacy exposes all of our weaknesses. However, if we recognize and overcome the fear of our own weaknesses, we can create art from intimacy.
The Life script, Playing games and Relationship triptych initially depicts the creation of personal scenario that automatically leads us to repetition of formulaic or stereotypical relationships in a very tight framework of that scenario. At the time we bring consciousness to playing psychological games within the given scenario, we arrive to the place of reality, bare and without masks, and only then we can act authentically and independently, and thus be creative in the field of intimacy.