About This Project

Erected March 2012,
Dimitrija Tucovića Street in front of number 10
Cadastral plot number 5473 Cadastral municipality Stari grad, Subotica
Author: Maja Rakočević Cvijanov, MFA in sculpture

The “Plumber” sculpture is set on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of “Vodovod i kanalizacija” (“Waterworks and Sewerage”) Public Utility Company as a street furniture.In this street, the first Subotica sewage line was built and the plumber is shown as emerging from the manhole.It is set on the expanded part of the pavement of the Dimitrija Tucovića Street. With a gesture of one of his hands, the plumber is asking for help, which calls for interaction between passers-by and the sculpture.Behind the plumber’s figure there is the manhole cover on which a sign of “Vodovod i kanalizacija” is inscribed.In his other hand, the plumber is holding a spanner, which was soon broken off.After welding a new spanner to the plumber’s left arm, the spanner was broken off again.At one point, paint was poured over the sculpture which was removed with anti-graffiti agent.The main purpose of the sculptures, to be interactive, is also reflected in this attitude towards the realistic presentation of man.Someone shows aggression, someone holds the hand of the sculpture, and very often, it holds flowers, a beer or a cigarette.The most effective technical protection measures for the sculpture would be lighting or alarm installation.

figure: 70 cm x 60 cm x 78 cm;
manhole cover diameter: 60 cm

From the book: Public Monuments in the Municipality of Subotica II, by Bela Duranci, Maja Rakočević Cvijanov and Vera Gabrić Počuča in the “Likovni susret” gallery of contemporary art in Subotica


Augustin Juriga i Željko Vukelić