About This Project

series of 12 prints
Memories of Space

Once the home of the Raichle family was abandoned, it became a home for other families that were, however, constantly leaving. Among them was the Gavanski family that has left us many private photos. These photographs depict their daily lives immortalized in the luxurious home of the Raichle palace, given to their care for a very small rent.
Since this palace became a museum, and now a gallery, citizens have been using these facilities for cultural and artistic purposes. As Gavanski family rented the palace for their home, I have borrowed some photos of their private life in the palace, to create the work of art titled Second-Hand Life.
The work is in the form of documented performance converted into a contemporary two-dimensional image. Pictures on the walls of the gallery / room revive the memory of a former life in and around the palace when it was still a family home to many residents but also represent the artefacts that speak in this context of private, public and artistic.

Second hand life/Život iz druge ruke

Maja Rakočević Cvijanov