About This Project

The idea to make this work came while thinking about the fact that family is the atom of the society. The family has started to spin around the children, and the axis of this spinning within a modern family revolves in pedo-centric discourse, thus, leaving the patriarchal model behind.
The accompanying music is, in fact, a sort of a lullaby, lulling the observers and creating the feeling of pleasant serenity.
The mattress under the carousel with the coverlet made of mother’s, father’s, daughter’s and son’s portraits calls spectators to examine the installation from the worm’s–eye view, and, simultaneously, they become integral parts of it by entering the space of the installation.
This work is also aimed at creating the feeling of tranquillity of observers by putting them in the role of a carefree child whom everything is subordinated to, in order to satisfy the millennium-long coded expectation that everything is just “as it should be”.