About This Project

40 x 20 x 20 cm
Couple in Transition

Couple in Transition represents the male – female couple as a by-product of a failed transition. The sculpture of a couple is composed of a Barbie doll figure upgraded with implants and a figure of Venom, a Spider-Man antihero symbiote, dressed in a formal jacket, standing on a pedestal illuminated like famous and successful celebrities.
This couple that appears in symbiosis explains best what today’s society expects from close relationships, which is economic security. This ideal continues after the nineties when the profiteers and women seeking sponsors for support found a common interest. Today, in a failed economic transition, we have successors of this model represented by starlets and smugglers, entertainers and offenders who are latently connected to politics.
This artwork is drawn from a Status Symbols series of figures, which is a group of works created by modifying children’s toys – superheroes, SUVs, castles and animals. These interventions, like a child that, while playing, mimics and gains knowledge of the world in which it lives, symbolize life in today’s society, contemporary heroes and their attributes. Status symbols such as branded clothing, silicone implants, SUVs, villas with pools and horses represent the floccinaucinihilipilification of education, culture and humanity, which this work comments on.